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Air Curtain High Velocity Remote

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  • The Hydor series of air curtains offer an ideal solution for containing an internal conditioned (cooled or heated) environmental climates where there is a continuous exposure to the outside air.
  • Models are available suitable for single phase 230V 50Hz electrical connection.
  • Airflow performances range from 1000 up to 2220 m³/hr.
  • The Hydor range provide the perfect solution to preventing the escape of “costly” conditioned air to the outside and preventing the un-conditioned outside air from entering.
  • The air curtain provides a powerful continuous stream of evenly distributed air between the outside and inside air.
  • This environmental conditioning system to more easily maintain a comfortable internal climate.
  • Quality motor runs for 5000 hours continuously without any defects.
  • Maximum height is 4.0m - 4.5m
FM4515 Dimensions  
  • All Hyair air curtains embrace a stylish yet non obtrusive aesthetic to compliment many modern interior environments.
  • The casings are manufactured from sheet steel and protected with a high grade ivory colour epoxy paint which provides a tough anti-corrosive finish.
  • All models operate with a very low noise level thanks to the balanced tangential crossflow fan wheel which at the same time delivers a powerful uniform air stream to the surrounding environment.
  • Integrated into the casing are commercial grade control switches.
  • These enable the independent control of the fan functions (an external remote-control module is available as an option - please enquire).
Model A B C
FM4515 1500 1450 450
Technical Data
  Power (W) Air Velocity (m/s) Air Vol (m3/hr) Noise (dB)  
Model Hi Med Lo Hi Med Lo Hi Med Lo Weitht (Kg)
FM4515 825 635 570 20 14.3 11.2 2375 68 65 62 25